about margareth

Margareth's paintings depict the love she has for her home in Saskatoon and her cottage on Last Mountain Lake in Saskatchewan. The iconic prairie elevator can often be seen in her works. Some of her paintings portray the landscapes she has encountered in other parts of Canada, United States and Europe. Although lately she has been working mainly with acrylic, she has also worked with watercolour and is beginning to experiment with water-based oils.

Her ventures into painting began in Chicago when the local highschool offered evening painting classes for adults. This was a pleasant reprieve from caring for 4 children under the age of 8. She continued to paint after moving to Saskatchewan in 1969. However, it was not until she retired that she began painting more earnestly. While mostly self-taught, she has taken lessons under the guidance of Ingrid Kaldor and Rajinder Dhand and currently participates in a local artists' group.


If you are interested in any of my paintings please contact me at: margareth.peterson@sasktel.net